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The holiday season is here, which means before we know it fourth quarter will be coming to a close and 2019 will be awaiting us. Don’t let your business goals get lost in the shuffle. Check out our top tips for prepping your business to take on the new year.

Evaluate and rewrite your business plan: Did you know that December is Write a Business Plan Month? Jump on this trend by reevaluating your current business plan and making updates for the next year. Look at what goals your business achieved, what went right, what didn’t, and what things you and your team are still hoping to accomplish. Use these brainstorming notes to guide your 2019 planning and get the ball rolling before January 1st to ensure you can be effective, productive, and driven in the new year.

Hire a speaker or trainer: Working with a speaker or trainer can help spark creativity and encouragement among your team. These professionals are skilled in connecting with their audiences and creating an engaging atmosphere that will inspire your team to close out Q4 strong, even in all the holiday madness. An inspirational kick-in-the-butt may be exactly what you and your team need to ensure 2019 is a success.

Prioritize community outreach: With the holidays approaching, there are many opportunities for you and your team to interact with the community. You can do this through philanthropy projects, celebrating the season with colleagues and industry partners, and festive public relations initiatives. Not only will community outreach efforts give you and your team the warm and fuzzy team building effect, but it will help support awareness for your brand within the community sparking more interest in your product and service offerings going into 2019. Win, win right!?

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